Introducing Molly's Top Five Picks

So I've been playing around, in my mind, with the idea of having a blog where I just write about my top five picks, of products, activities, and other interesting things (or even boring things), for awhile now. I used to write on a website community like site where we could just talk about our top five favorite things. But I wanted to have more freedom about things, like how I made the lists look, include pictures and such. And frankly, I wanted to include affiliate links too. Affiliate links mean that when someone clicks on the link and buys something, the person who created it often will earn a little something.

Just so you know, Molly is not my name. Molly more is the embodiment of sort of a sweet, old fashioned charm, style that I predominately like. However, I am very eclectic in what I like, get interested in, like to write or think about, etc. So you may never know what I will write about here. In fact--I don't either. Random things pop into my head about what become interested in I would like to learn more about. So expect that in regards to this blog. Random, eclectic, silly, fun, boring, interesting, all of the above and none.

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