Coloring Books for Teens

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If you are looking for coloring books for teens here are the top five that I have chosen as the ones I am most interested in that I would want to give as gifts to teens I know. Most of these picks will appeal more to girls than boys. There seem to be less options for boys (just as there are less options for men) in the realm of coloring books, but perhaps that is because more girls (and women) seem to have more interest in coloring books and pages as well.

There actually don't seem to be much in the way of coloring books geared specifically towards teens right now, unfortunately. However, you can still easily find ones that they will like. There's a good chance that you might like the same ones they like too (although you might not want to let them know that). I'm sure more titles specifically for teens will become available over time as well, as the coloring trend doesn't show signs of slowing down anytime soon.

So on to my top picks!

Good Vibes Coloring Book

The Good Vibes coloring book features inspiring phrases and quotes with fun, playful and cheerful doodle style designs. Butterflies, flowers, heart shapes and more are just some of the motifs featured in this book.

Although the product description says it is a coloring book for grownups it certainly would have appeal for many teen girls as well.

Drawing, Doodling and Colouring Book

Drawing, Doodling and Colouring Book (Usborne Drawing, Doodling and Colouring)

This book has more than just coloring, it encourages drawing and doodling in it as well. This one could possibly appeal to both guys and girls as it has fun doodle drawings of things like both flowers, robots, monsters, birds, and more. It looks like a fun, wacky world to live and color in to pass time.

Anime Doodle Girls Coloring Book

Anime Doodle Girls Coloring Book

Anime and manga (comic books) from Japan are popular nowadays with many people, especially teenagers and college aged kids (but are also popular with adults as well).

Anime and manga drawings often feature pretty girls with large eyes. This coloring book by artist Jenny Luan is no exception. There are 29 images in this coloring book, each one featuring a portrait of an anime styled girl, with big, pretty eyes and varying sweet expressions. The general theme of the book is fantasy and fairytales (there are some Zodiac inspired designs as well). You'll see some kawaii cats too.

I happen to know that people have been buying this one for their teenage daughters when they learn about it.

Fun Fashion and Fresh Styles Coloring Book

Fun Fashion and Fresh Styles

I really like the girls on the cover of this fashion inspired coloring book. They are fun, cute, sweet, and maybe just a tad nerdy/geeky and awkward (like me) and yet fashionable as well.

Two other fashion themed coloring books for teen girls that I liked were Fun Fashion Looks! and Fashionista! Fun Fashion & Style Coloring Book.

I Love My Hair Coloring Book

I Love My Hair

This one kind of cracks me up. Wow, look at all those doodled locks and curls just on the cover alone!
This coloring book seems to have a variety of both simple and intricate designs to color. Some pages are just words, others feature hair styles and/or accessories. There are pages of flowers as well (since flowers count as a hair accessory too).

I hope you liked my selection of coloring books for teens? Have you seen any that you really like for teens as well? Please mention them in the comments below if you have.

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My Top 5 Baby Shower Tea Party Invitations

Narrowing the tea party themed baby shower invitations I found to a Top 5 was tough, as there were so many I liked. Sweet, pretty and feminine style, elements that are often associated with tea parties, are right up my alley. Vintage style, also often associated with tea parties, is another thing that I adore. So it was definitely fun to curate choices of invitations for this post, but at the same time I was like...which ones do I leave out since I am limiting myself to just my favorite five?

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The striped background and black and white text and image of a banner, frame and silhouette of a tea pot, plus some ornamental designs all remind me of old children's books, perhaps a bit of Mary Poppins, or this lovely book about dolls I once read (but sadly don't remember the title, because I'd love to read it again). The style of this invite is just very nostalgic and dear to me. Sadly it is not available in blue or a gender neutral color. Perhaps the designer could be contacted and persuaded to add them though.


This damask and striped invitation is so cotton candy pink yummy! I love its vintage style charm. It is elegant, so I barely notice the bit of added "bling" in it. It is also available in blue and actually many other versions that you can see here.


This tag shaped invite is also available in a similar look but in blue. The teacup image that was used is so pretty and sweet.


What I liked most about this invitation was out of the baby shower tea party invitations that I came across this was one of the few that actually featured baby related imagery (there were a few with baby bottles, rattles and such, but I did not love them enough to include them in my top five). I also think the baby sleeping in a teacup is so sweet. This version is gender neutral, but there are pink and blue versions available as well.

A Baby Shower Tea Party | Gender Neutral 5x7 Paper Invitation Card
A Baby Shower Tea Party | Gender Neutral 5x7 Paper Invitation Card by OrangeOstrichDesigns


This is a trendy style, with a grey background and colorful, pretty flowers in a tea cup. One of the fun details about it is that you can change the letter on the tea tag to the initial of the mother-to-be.
Sweet Teacup & Pink Floral Baby Shower Invitation
Sweet Teacup & Pink Floral Baby Shower Invitation by kat_parrella

For even more, customizable tea party invitations for baby showers click here.

Baby Bottle Shower Invitations

Continuing with the theme of baby shower invitations (I had posted about baby carriage themed ones here), here are some baby bottle shower invitations that I thought were pretty cute. Okay, actually I was kinda disappointed by the choices of this theme on Zazzle. But I really like the ones I picked here and I really do Love the last two I picked (so be sure to scroll down and see those ones).

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When I searched Zazzle for "baby bottle" invitations a lot of the results did not show baby bottles. I got things like the "drink me" bottle from Alice in Wonderland and even beer bottles (although I did see some that featured both beer bottles and baby bottles, which I personally find kind of strange, but okay). It was frustrating to see a lot of things that I thought were not related to what I was searching for, so I hope my having "curated" these will help you.
Also, other invitations in the search results had baby bottles, but not as a main feature of the design. And I am looking for ones where the baby bottles are the main thing. I also did see some designs where the bottle was the predominant part of the design, but I didn't like them.

So after looking through dozens of pages on Zazzle these are my top 5 picks. By the way, with most of these I am showing the more gender neutral of the ones available, but some of the designers had more specific boy (blue) or girl (pink) ones available as well. You can click on the designers name on the product page and search their "store" for the same design in other options.


I thought this was pretty cute, but unlike the others I will mention, it doesn't have "text templates" where you can just fill out the form on the page and then you are done. You would actually have to click on the Customize button and add the text, choose fonts, and create the whole layout yourself. Which might not be easy if you are not used to using Zazzle's customize options and just want to do something quick and easy. Bummer.


When I looked the designer only had this gingham design available in pink and not a blue one or a gender neutral one. Hopefully they will be adding those at a later date.
Rustic Pink Gingham Baby Bottle Baby Shower Invite
Rustic Pink Gingham Baby Bottle Baby Shower Invite by HavingBaby


Although the text is kind of hard to read on this design it was still one of my favorites. I thought the skinny paper size and baby bottle layout in the background was cute. I just wish the text could be outlined in white or something to make it stand out against the darker parts of the background more. Maybe a different font color could be chosen by the buyer using the Customize It button to help it be more readable though?

Baby Bottle Shower Invitation
Baby Bottle Shower Invitation by Zulibby


I really, really like this one. It is cute. It is designed nicely with it's simplicity but still very visually interesting. It is a modern design, but still very charming and sweet. I thought this color was the best. It is also available in green, bright pink, yellow (that one was kind of hard on the eyes and hard to read though). For some reason it wasn't available in blue. I wish the designer had set it up so the buyer could just choose the background color they want (that's a little more complicated for the buyer, but not by much). She does have an "Ask this designer" link on the page so you could contact them and ask if she could make it available in other colors. 
Baby Shower with Bottle in Tow 5x7 Paper Invitation Card
Baby Shower with Bottle in Tow 5x7 Paper Invitation Card by krystal_lynn


Okay, this one was my favorite of the bunch. It is done in that cool and trendy "chalkboard" style. This particular version has a yellow baby bottle with yellow stars and white text on the chalkboard background. However it is also available in three other versions--all white, pink and blue. It has the sweet, old fashioned charm that I personally like. The chalkboard theme is both old-fashioned and yet modern (because it's trendy I suppose) and the stars give it a bit of a whimsy, magical, childhood feeling.

Vintage Chalkboard Yellow Baby Bottle Baby Shower 5x7 Paper Invitation Card
Vintage Chalkboard Yellow Baby Bottle Baby Shower 5x7 Paper Invitation Card by SnipClipGig

What do you think of my top picks? Do you have others you liked more?

My Top 5 Vintage Baby Carriage Invitation Picks

One of the things I've been looking at recently are baby shower invitations.

I like those with an old fashioned feel. I find them charming, nostalgic and, depending on the design, whimsical even.

These are some vintage baby carriage invitations for baby showers (or they could be adapted for bith announcements too with a bit of changing of the wording) that I thought were especially cute and sweet.

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Vintage Brown Baby Carriage Baby Shower 5x7 Paper Invitation CardWith this first one I chose to show it on one of the other "paper shapes" available to give it this cute, scalloped edging. I just like it better that way, because I think it adds more charm to it. But you can choose the regular, simple rectangle shape, or one of the other options as well, such as rounded corners.

The design is of an old fashioned style, wicker, baby carriage illustration in brown, on a lightly striped background. There are actually blue and pink versions of this invitation available as well if you wanted something more gender specific. There are chalkboard style versions of it as well.


This next design is rather sweet with it's floral background, and striped with lace border, then a black and white illustration of an old baby buggy placed on top. It has a sort of scrapbook, collage sort of feel I suppose.

Vintage Baby Shower Invitation Carriage Floral
Vintage Baby Shower Invitation Carriage Floral by BabyBoutique1


A pretty yellow banner, floating across a fancy, scrollwork style baby carriage, declares "It's a Baby Shower!" Although the carriage and banner, and a scalloped background, give it an old fashioned feel, the gray background and font choice adds a bit of a modern feel to this invitation too. 

Modern Baby Shower Invitation
Modern Baby Shower Invitation by pj_design


I think this next choice is very fun. It is made to look like an old admission ticket to something like a carnival or such, but instead it's a ticked to the charming fun of celebrating a dear friend's baby shower. It's unusual size and look is sure to grab attention and get a smile. Not only is a baby carriage featured on the faux antiqued paper, but parasols and pointing hands (like old fashioned adverts used to have) adorn it as well with cool old fashioned typefaces too.
The designer of this also has a chalkboard style version available as well.
Vintage Baby Shower Ticket Invitation
Vintage Baby Shower Ticket Invitation by MetricMod


And for my top favorite! This is designed by the same person who did the ticket style invitation up above. It has a similar antiqued feel. I think it is even more whimsical and quirky though.
A very fancy banner sits just behind the cute baby carriage with the words "You Are Invited" on it. 
Two hands point at the name of the honored guest that the event is being held for. Below that an illustration of a pocket watch draws attention to the stated date and time of the party.

Vintage Baby Shower Invitation II
Vintage Baby Shower Invitation II by MetricMod

All of these invitations are customizable, so you can enter in the names, dates, locations and other information of your choosing.

Introducing Molly's Top Five Picks

So I've been playing around, in my mind, with the idea of having a blog where I just write about my top five picks, of products, activities, and other interesting things (or even boring things), for awhile now. I used to write on a website community like site where we could just talk about our top five favorite things. But I wanted to have more freedom about things, like how I made the lists look, include pictures and such. And frankly, I wanted to include affiliate links too. Affiliate links mean that when someone clicks on the link and buys something, the person who created it often will earn a little something.

Just so you know, Molly is not my name. Molly more is the embodiment of sort of a sweet, old fashioned charm, style that I predominately like. However, I am very eclectic in what I like, get interested in, like to write or think about, etc. So you may never know what I will write about here. In fact--I don't either. Random things pop into my head about what become interested in I would like to learn more about. So expect that in regards to this blog. Random, eclectic, silly, fun, boring, interesting, all of the above and none.