My Top 5 Baby Shower Tea Party Invitations

Narrowing the tea party themed baby shower invitations I found to a Top 5 was tough, as there were so many I liked. Sweet, pretty and feminine style, elements that are often associated with tea parties, are right up my alley. Vintage style, also often associated with tea parties, is another thing that I adore. So it was definitely fun to curate choices of invitations for this post, but at the same time I was like...which ones do I leave out since I am limiting myself to just my favorite five?

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The striped background and black and white text and image of a banner, frame and silhouette of a tea pot, plus some ornamental designs all remind me of old children's books, perhaps a bit of Mary Poppins, or this lovely book about dolls I once read (but sadly don't remember the title, because I'd love to read it again). The style of this invite is just very nostalgic and dear to me. Sadly it is not available in blue or a gender neutral color. Perhaps the designer could be contacted and persuaded to add them though.


This damask and striped invitation is so cotton candy pink yummy! I love its vintage style charm. It is elegant, so I barely notice the bit of added "bling" in it. It is also available in blue and actually many other versions that you can see here.


This tag shaped invite is also available in a similar look but in blue. The teacup image that was used is so pretty and sweet.


What I liked most about this invitation was out of the baby shower tea party invitations that I came across this was one of the few that actually featured baby related imagery (there were a few with baby bottles, rattles and such, but I did not love them enough to include them in my top five). I also think the baby sleeping in a teacup is so sweet. This version is gender neutral, but there are pink and blue versions available as well.

A Baby Shower Tea Party | Gender Neutral 5x7 Paper Invitation Card
A Baby Shower Tea Party | Gender Neutral 5x7 Paper Invitation Card by OrangeOstrichDesigns


This is a trendy style, with a grey background and colorful, pretty flowers in a tea cup. One of the fun details about it is that you can change the letter on the tea tag to the initial of the mother-to-be.
Sweet Teacup & Pink Floral Baby Shower Invitation
Sweet Teacup & Pink Floral Baby Shower Invitation by kat_parrella

For even more, customizable tea party invitations for baby showers click here.

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